Why You Should Hire Staff Over 50s

mature workersI regularly hear from so many people over the age of 50 on how difficult it is to get a new job or even change jobs. With significant skills shortages and growing demand for skilled workers it truly surprises me that people have so much trouble. What surprises me more is that recruitment agencies, HR professionals and organisations will overlook these fantastic people, truly not understanding or appreciating what they can bring to the table.

Many of the mature age workers over 50 that I have worked and dealt with over my career, offer significant value to their workplace and this is continually being recognised by many people throughout the organisation.

With majority of workers retiring at 65, workers in their 50s still have at least 10 years left in the workplace. As average length of time that workers stay in an organisation being 2-3 years then it’s time that clear consideration needs to be given.

Why you should have high consideration of employing age 50+ people:

  1. Wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience along with life experiences.
  2. Assist in growing, developing and mentoring less experienced staff.
  3. Willing to put in the hard yards and want to make a valuable contribution.
  4. Possess great networks and contacts built up over a long career.
  5. Provide diversity and debate in team work.

Just like when you hire any employee, for the person to be successful you need to ensure they have the right skills, behaviours and cultural fit. Hiring someone for the government incentive or to meet equity requirements should not be the primary driver.

As the Managing Director of Moreton Bay HR Solutions, I see the contribution older workers have my clients organisation daily. We regularly recruit mature aged workers and continue to develop them providing them with opportunities to expand their skills and experience.

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Nicole Allen – B.Mgt, Dip. Mgt, Dip.HR
Managing Director


Nicole Allen is the Founder and Managing Director of Moreton Bay HR Solutions. In 1996, Nicole Allen commenced a successful career in operational and strategic human resources, recruitment, management and communications field. She has held some significant positions ranging from Human Resources Generalist to Group HR Manager in Mining and Resources, Uranium, Oil & Gas, Defense, Heavy Manufacturing, Information Technology, Utilities, Finance and small to large business sectors.


With more than 18 years’ experience in the Human Resources Management and communications field, she brings a diverse and unique HR and communications expertise and knowledge. She is a strong believer in employee communication as being the biggest key to business success and has a consultative approach which has underpinned her successful development of HR programs which improve the culture and behaviour of employees.

Amongst Nicole’s list of Qualifications, she holds a Bachelor of Management majoring in Communications, Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Human Resources.

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