Procedural Fairness – 5 Must Dos


To ensure  that you follow procedural fairness when you’re considering dismissing an  employee, do the following five things:

  • Give the  employee a clear warning. In doing so, you should:
    • advise the  employee that, unless they improve their conduct or performance, their  employment may be at risk;
    • give the  employee a reasonable amount of time to improve; and
    • offer the  employee training or the opportunity to develop their skills.
  • Ensure that  the employee understands the issues, and the consequences, in sufficient  detail.
  • Provide the  employee with an opportunity to respond to your reasons for wishing to  terminate their employment.
  • Allow the  employee to have a support person present at any meetings concerning their  potential dismissal.
  • Ensure that  you, and any other decision-maker, are unbiased.