Staff Attraction & Retention

Trouble finding and keeping staff?

Staff unhappy with the limited benefits?

The war for talent is raging – great staff are hard to find and harder still to keep. So how do employers maintain a stronghold? By seeking out the advice of experts! Moreton Bay HR Solutions has a range of solutions targeted at helping you find talented employees as well as the all-important task of retaining your existing employees.

Commencement Interview

Conducted with employees within the first 30-60 days of their employment. Commencement interviews are a ‘check-up’ on the new employment relationship, identifying any problems or issues before they escalate and effect performance or the employees interntion to stay or leave your organisation.

Retention Interviews

Retention interviews can be conducted at any time during the employement relationship as a prevention measure to ensure that employees are satisfied. They are especiallly beneficial during times of organisaitonal change, or with star performers or at risk employee groups.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews take place after employees have left your organisation and identify key reasons for leaving, and how these reasons could have been prevented. The results of these interviews can be used to implement new strategies to ensure that key employees are retained.

Employee Satisfaction and Culture Surveys

One of the best ways to find out how you are tracking as an employer is to seek feedback from the people working within your organisation – your employees. Our consultants can implement small employee focus groups or companywide surveys designed to provide you with information on opportunities and recommendations for improvement; increasing overall employee satisfaction, attraction and retention.

Remuneration and Benefits

We are committed to helping you identify and retain key talent. We can conduct market research on pivotal positions, perform remuneration reviews and design bonus and incentive schemes. We are committed to providing best-practice industry advice as well as innovative and practical strategies for improving staff retention.