Performance Management

Why Employee Performance Appraisals Are Critical For All Businesses

Promote the Best in Your People & Improve Business!

An effective performance management cycle recognises and rewards excellence. It also improves business performance which in turn can increase profit dramatically.

Performance management consists of processes, tools and activities designed to ensure that your organisation’s goals are consistently, effectively and efficiently achieved. Providing employees with formal performance feedback on a regular basis can increase motivation, heighten self-awareness and identify professional as well as personal development opportunities.

Moreton Bay HR Solutions can design and implement a performance management system to reflect your organisation’s unique requirements. Further, we can train your managers and employees in how to use this powerful tool. Our goal, like yours, is to effectively motivate your employees to perform at their best, improve your business and create more business profit.

We can help you implement an effective performance management cycle by providing the following HR services:


Performance Appraisal Tools

  • Development of customised tools including   policies, procedures, guidelines and forms.
  • Development of performance measurement tools.
  • Refinement of existing appraisal tools.
  • Training for line managers on conducting   effective performance appraisals.


KPI’s and KRA’s

  • Development of position-relevant Key   Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Key Responsibility Areas (KRA’s) for   individuals and business units.


Position Descriptions

  • Conducting job analyses and drafting of  position descriptions.


Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

  • Design of Individual Development Plans   focussing on employees’ career paths.
  • Provision of individual performance coaching   to support employee development.


Performance Counselling and Discipline

  • Development of performance counselling and   employee disciplinary policies, procedures, guidelines and interview forms.
  • Training for line managers on effectively counselling and disciplining employees.