Is Your Resume Flawless?

proofreadA good deal of ink has been spilled of late on the resume as a means of establishing your brand and getting your foot in the door. Whether to do it yourself or get professional help? Functional or chronological? The shocking number of resumes that contain misstatements of fact, and whether those amount to mendacity or merely ‘embellishment’ and you have spelling mistakes…..

But let’s assume for the nonce that you’ve scrupulously avoided taking credit for others’ work or otherwise exaggerating your education, experience, skills or accomplishments. A common trap still awaits the unwary – the imperfect resume.

Now it should be noted that, as a general matter, perfectionism is NOT a good thing. It can be a handicapping, as when the best becomes the enemy of the good, such that one finds it difficult to complete a task or get anything done. One of the few exceptions to that rule is the resume. It’s your best foot forward, and the first – and if sloppy, the last – chance to make a good impression.

Whether fair or not, the reality is that the slightest solecism on your resume, be it spelling, grammar, style or logic, will almost certainly diminish your chances of getting the interview. Even if you’re a good proofer, it’s unwise to rely on yourself to proof your own work. Let someone else who has a good eye for proofing/editing go over it with a fine tooth comb.

I see the same mistakes over and over in resumes. Using ‘lead’ where ‘led’ is indicated for the past tense of ‘lead.’ Cluttering the resume with irrelevancies about hobbies, pets, and the like (if you can’t resist the impulse, save it for Facebook or Twitter). Sprinkling your resume with mathematical impossibilities such as “reduced training costs by 120%” or other such illogicalities.

In a competitive market, the objective of your resume is to get past the initial screening process in 5 to 15 seconds. Yes you read right!! Ask yourself what the screener or ultimate decision maker will ask. Will this candidate ever put more thought and care into the work he does for me than he did to present his own case? The question answers itself.

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Nicole Allen – B.Mgt, Dip. Mgt, Dip.HR
Managing Director

Nicole Allen is the Founder and Managing Director of Moreton Bay HR Solutions. In 1996, Nicole Allen commenced a successful career in operational and strategic human resources, recruitment, management and communications field. She has held some significant positions ranging from Human Resources Generalist to Group HR Manager in Mining and Resources, Uranium, Oil & Gas, Defense, Heavy Manufacturing, Information Technology, Utilities, Finance and small to large business sectors.

With more than 18 years’ experience in the Human Resources Management and communications field, she brings a diverse and unique HR and communications expertise and knowledge. She is a strong believer in employee communication as being the biggest key to business success and has a consultative approach which has underpinned her successful development of HR programs which improve the culture and behaviour of employees.

Amongst Nicole’s list of Qualifications, she holds a Bachelor of Management majoring in Communications, Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Human Resources.



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