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Our clients range from mining & resources, drilling & gas operations, uranium mining, construction, heavy & light manufacturing, not for profit, ranging in size from small to large businesses. We have the personnel and experience to provide the HR solutions to your business.

We work with:

  • Corporates
  • SMEs
  • Family Businesses
  • Private Equity
  • Professional Advisors
  • Individuals.

There  are a lot of HR consulting firms out there. Why hire us? We think there are a  number of very important reasons.

  1. We  focus on results. HR programs are only valuable  insofar as they help your organisation achieve its objectives and be  successful. That principle is central to everything we do.
  2. We  customise our efforts to your needs. We  listen carefully to ensure that we understand what you want to achieve, and  then develop solutions that are targeted to your objectives.
  3. We are  interested in working with you over the long haul. Your needs will change over time, and we can help keep you up to date.  But we also view our work as a partnership. It’s not US telling YOU how to do  things. It’s a joint effort aimed at achieving your business objectives.
  4. Unlike  some consultants, we have actually worked as HR Managers. This firsthand experience helps us understand the challenges that  businesses face and the constraints under which you operate.
  5. We  don’t waste time. We pride ourselves on being  responsive and creating solutions for your organisation.