5 Tips For Turning Your Resume Into A “Yes” Magnet

You know the drill. You see a great job posting on Seek and think “Wow, I could do that.” And just as you are about to start cranking out that cover letter you think “Ugh, I’ll have to send in my resume.”

Resume shame. We’ve all had this at some point.

  • Maybe you haven’t touched your resume since you got the job you are in.
  • Maybe you thought your resume was awesome, until you sent it out to 5 different job postings and heard absolutely nothing back. (Seriously? They couldn’t even send me a “Thanks, but no Thanks” letter?! Ugh.)
  • Maybe you were never really happy with your resume at all. (But once you got it done, why revisit it? You do have a lot of other things to worry about, right?)

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

But here’s what nobody tells you: There are just a few key elements that will get your resume noticed. In fact, most Recruiters (who are responsible for weeding out unqualified candidates from the massive stack of resumes) are instructed to look for these key elements. So, if you know which items to include and how to include them, you will most likely get past the Recruiter, which is of course – just step 1 in the whole process.

1) Be Concise. 

If you are looking for a job that would require a Recruiter, your resume should be no more than 4 pages and Cover Letter only 1 page. That’s it!

“But Nicole, you don’t understand. I have A LOT of experience.”

I get it, but here’s the thing. You are not putting every single work experience you ever had in your resume. You are only including the items relevant for the role to which you are applying. (“Wait, that means I need to customize my resume for each role?” No, but you do need to customize your cover letter. See #2.)

2) Be Relevant.

Yes, you do need to tailor your cover letter to the role. Do some research on the industry and the company and look for some keywords that keep repeating. Also, check the role description and look for keywords for that specific role. If you are applying for roles in different industries, keep a version for each industry and then tweak it for each specific role. Be sure to save it as “Your Name_Industry_Company Name” or in some way that it is easy to tell what it is when you are uploading it.

The following tips are not only for the screeners, but they also get your resume noticed by the hiring managers.

3) Be Specific.

This is important. Add some meaty detail to your cover letter.

4) Be Classy.

The worst thing for a person reading a resume is to see all these great experiences in the resume and then find a typo. It’s an immediate turn-off. Make sure to have your super detailed friend (you know, she’s the one with the meticulous desk/car/purse who always seems put together) to take a read of your ‘final’ version before you hit send.

One more thing: If you are presenting your resume to the company for their review and you haven’t proofread your work, it shows the company you really don’t care about the quality of yourself and your abilities. It’s an immediate rubbishbin dive for your resume (and your cover letter) if you mistake the company to which you are applying. YIKES! It happens more than you think.

So, before you hit send, take a breath, close your eyes and stretch. Then, check the email, resume and cover letter for typos and make sure you’ve attached the right ones!

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